The best stroller that we recommend to everyone - the Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System

So we get all kinds of questions from family and friends on what we think is the best stroller available.  There are loads of strollers on the market, but we ended up purchasing the Chicco KeyFit 30 Stroller Travel System.  We picked this stroller for the following reasons:

Price - While it is a bit on the upper end, it has a stroller and car seat.  After researching multiple different travel systems and other strollers, this was most certainly the best bang for our hard earned buck.

Safety - I think this was our biggest factor when choosing a stroller and/or travel system.  This stroller and car seat got the best stroller award from Consumer Reports as well as being rated one of the safest on the market.  When we put this in our car and push the stroller you can really feel how solid it feels.

Style - Now while this wasn't our biggest concerns, the Chicco KeyFit 30 does have some stylish options.  Again, not a huge factor for us but we did feel pretty darn cool pushing this around.

Again, we can't say enough good things about the Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 travel system.  We really recommend it to all of our friends and family.  In our eyes, it truly is the best stroller around.  Oh, we got ours on which we found to be the best price anywhere.  Click here to read more about it on amazon.

The TOP 5 Strollers - By Category & Type

Fully loaded traditional stroller
(as rated by "Consumer Reports")

The Graco Quattro Tour Sport Model (Travel System) got high rankings from Consumer Reports. It features a one hand gravity fold with storage and a storage latch.

It scored an 83 out of 100 from consumer reports and got the highest rankings in maneuverability, durability and ease of use. It retails for about $270.00 and is an good stroller for your hard earned dollar!

The Safest Stroller System (as rated by "Consumer Reports")

The Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System stroller also received high praise from pros and consumers.

We personally own this stroller and cannot say enough good things about it. Consumer Reports rated it the safest strollers on the market, and this is the reason we purchased this particular one. You can't go wrong with this puppy. It retails for approx. $320.00.

Budget with few frills (as rated by "Consumer Reports")

The UPPAbaby G-Lite stroller got high ratings from consumer reports, 80 out of 100 to be exact. Consumer Reports really liked the maneuverability on this model and it weighs a mere 10lbs. This would be a solid choice for someone on a budget as this model only sets one back approximately $130.

Top Double Stroller (as rated by "Consumer Reports")

The Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller received top marks from Consumer Reports for a double stroller. While it only scored a 69 out of 100 overall, it came in as the top dog for double strollers. It got top marks in:
- Ease of Use
- Maneuverability
- Durability

This model will cost you a little under $240.

Top New Age (as rated by "Consumers")

The Bugaboo Bee stroller earned top marks from both Consumer Reports and consumers. It will definitely turn eyes when you push your new one around in it. It got excellent marks from Consumer Reports in both maneuverability and durability. It earned 73 out of 100.

This model is quite a bit more expensive but can be worth the investment at around $530.

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Thinking about buying a stroller? Here are some of the things you should consider.

Storage space So you bought the most compact, foldable stroller only to find out you have no place to put extra diapers, a purse/bag, or that sippy cup they keep tossing overboard. While fold capacity should be a concern, you need to plan on carrying stuff with you on your adventures so storage space should rank high on your list of features. You may want to find a stroller that has ample enough storage space to accommodate both baby and mom or dad's stuff.

Weight - While this can be a smaller concern, weight can play a factor on your buying decision. Strollers can get to be more expensive the lighter they get but if you are planning on pushing your baby up an incline of 20 degrees or more, you might want to consider a lighter model.

Travel Systems - This, in my opinion, is the most added feature one should consider. With a travel system, you are able to remove the car seat from the car and put it on the stroller. This added feature on more expensive models cuts down and stuff you have to carry or have. chicco-cortina-keyfit-travel-systemWe personally have the Chico Cortina KeyFit Travel System Stroller pictured to the right and absolutely love it. I can't recommend this stroller yourself a favor and grab one of these today! It received a coveted "Consumer reports best buy" award too!

Can your stroller take a beating and keep on ticking?

Sturdiness - With repeated jarring and sidewalks in sub-par shape, the stroller should stand up to the test of time. This particular feature might be the most important. Online review sites and newer mom's should be your source for how sturdy a stroller is. The high-end Buga-Boo Bee stroller pictured left has many fans due to its rugged wheels that can be taken off-road or on bumpy sidewalks. It also is got a consumer reports top recommendation.

maclaren-strollerFold capacity - Another important factor in considering strollers is how storage friendly they are. Do they fold, how much do they fold by, and can they fit in the trunk of your car are all questions you should ask yourself. Many moms rave over both the price and how easy Maclarens strollers fold. Pictured below is the Maclaren Triumph Stroller which got top reviews from parents for being lightweight, maneuverable and super easy to fold.

Can your stroller be easily folded?

Is it easily foldable?

This goes without saying, but space is a commodity in most vehicles when you are transporting your young one around. You'll want to be sure that it is easily foldable for the trunk.

Most strollers fold up to save on space, but there are some definitely top rated strollers that do a much better job than others. Check consumer reviews for other parents opinions on this feature as a lot of times you'll get "loaded" statements from manufacturers.

These are a couple features you'll really want to review before you decide on purchasing your top rated stroller.